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Terms of service and disclaimer

PhotoSA is a free advertising medium for photographers and photography related services.

When using the service of any information found on this web site, please use the service on your own discretion. The photographers advertise on this web site an it is up to you to do your due diligence on them.

If you are an advertiser making use of our advertising service:
Please do so in an ethical manner. Remember that your ad represent the professionalism of your business. If you enter false data just to tweak the system and get your name at the top, then all you are doing is showing your clients and the rest of the photographers what an arsehole you are.

Only photography related ads will be accepted. All irrelevant ads will be deleted without notice.

No pornography, adult, political, hate speech or any other crap will be accepted. All will be deleted without notice.

Please do not put very long ads on the web site. Very long ads will be deleted immediately without any notification. Try and limit your ads to a reasonable length of about 250 characters.

In general. Remember that this is a free service to all photographers in order to present your services to the public. Please do not spoil it for others.

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