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Photography related events
Practical Photography Course -
The Basic Photography Course presented by Danie Bester starts on this day Contact Danie at 082 446-4821
Imaging South Africa 2009 -
Professional Photography Exhibition and Convention at the Gallagher Estates, Midrand , Johannesburg. 15-17 June 2009. contact,, 083 425 7329 / 011 646 7908. Register to exhibit Contact Talent at 083 4257329
SMME Empowerment Conference -
We are proud to announce that Oxygen Events Management will be hosting a SMME Empowerment Conference in Cape Town & Durban. The mission of the Conference is to empower start-up businesses and offer them easy access to available grants, support initiatives, guidance, training, sponsorship, preferential procurement AND networking opportunities to grow their business. Mail for more details on the Conference or contact Mrs Solomon on 074 194 2894 (office hours only) Contact Audrey at 076 471474
Beginner Photographic Course -
The course are for those people new to the discipline of photography. This is an ideal time to acquire new photographic skills that you can utilize to improve your photographs and put it into practice during the end of year holiday. We will concentrate on understanding your camera, camera settings, colour, contrast and exposure etc. Contact Jaunine or Arthur on 083 307 0193 or Contact Arthur at 013 7412295
The Photo & Film Expo brought to you in association with PiX Magazine is now in its' third year. It's going to be held at the Coca Cola Dome in Northgate from the 13th to the 16th October 2011 and will feature all the latest equipment, hands on studio presentations and workshops by professionals and tons of giveaways.. Last years event was the largest ever held on the continent, this year promises to be even bigger and better! For exhibitor queries or more info regarding the show contact or call 011-3262257 Be sure to diarise NOW! Contact Miems at 011 3262257
University of Cape Town Digital Photography course -
Registrations close 18 March 2011 This 10-week part-time online course is presented throughout South Africa. The course aims to provide students with the skills and confidence take better photographs as well as understand their DSLRs. Course material includes notes, videos, discussion forums and personal reviews from fellow students and course convener. Students will form part of an online photographic community. For more information contact Claire on 021 685 4775 or Contact Claire at 021 685 4775
Centurion Photography Course -
Practical, hands-on Photography Course in Centurion. Shoot Portraits, Landscapes and Nightscapes with me... Contact Danie at 082 446-4821
West Rand Photography Course -
Practical and affordable photography course in Centurion. Go on three practical sessions with a professional photographer Contact Danie at 082 446-4821
Nick Aldridge is extending the deadline for exhibition quality fine art print sales until the end of april 2009. visit our facebook group site: or contact us via the website. Contact nick at 083 7077127
Midlands Photographic Workshop -
Howick is situated in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands some 20 Km to the north of Pietermaritzburg. The region is well known for its incredible scenery and wonderful climate. Its here that we hold our Beginner / Intermediate Photographic and Photoshop workshops. These 3-day workshops are held at a small conference centre just outside Howick and usually take place over a weekend, with registration and an introductory talk (which includes a slide show) on the Thursday evening and then a full day on Friday and Saturday and a half-day on Sunday. Contact Roger at 082 8828496
Matric Farewell Special -
Matric Farewell Pre-shoot special join us for a fun day of photography. Contact Ilsa at 084 6274123
CODP & Transition Optical Photography Competition -
The College of Digital Photography in conjunction with Transitions Optical has launched an exciting new Photography Competition, which will run from 1st September 2009 to 28th February 2010. The theme for the competition is "Eye Care" and entrants are asked to focus on showcasing the one sense we take for granted but without which the medium of photography completely loses its impact. For further info and to enter go to Contact Udo at 011 8807819
SATCH Photography Competition -
The South African Talent Championships has an exciting photography competition. Capture extraordinary moments and send it to WIN exciting prizes! Contact Liza-Marie at 012 3481756
Photoshop Basics Course -
This basic Adobe® Photoshop® for Photographers course will teach you all you need to know about digital image management, editing and manipulation. Using the Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 platform you will be introduced to the “work area” and will be instructed on how to produce exciting images from your own originals. This course is ideal if you have Adobe® Photoshop® or Adobe® Photoshop® Elements and are looking for guidance. For more details contact Mbasa on 021 425 7591 or e-mail Contact National College of Photography at 021 425 7591
Dynamic Lessons Advanced Photography Course -
The Dynamic Lessons course will introduced you to principles that will help you to recognise and explore the visual world around you. The lessons will develop the ability to “see” photographs in every situation. Creative energy is thus harnessed and the assignments will arouse the latent talent we all have. You will be able to elevate your photography to a higher level as you start to understand and work with advanced composition, qualities of light and colour For more details contact Mbasa on 021 425 7591 or e-mail Contact National College of Photography at 021 425 7591
Fine Art Photography Course -
This course will enhance your understanding of photography with techniques that will elevate you to a higher artistic level. Fine art is an extremely subjective medium, which allows space for creative licence. Here we will encourage experimentation that is exciting, satisfying and uplifting. Your photography will never be the same again. The numerous techniques are relatively easy to learn and will not require a major investment in equipment. You are guided along these techniques during practical workshops where you will apply a variety of approaches to your photography and broaden your concept of art. For more Details contact Mbasa on 021 425 7591 or e-mail Contact National College of Photography at 021 425 7591
Virtual Tour photographer -
Some Virtual Tour Photography work that i have done 2 weeks ago of a country club resort and hotels.Please look at these virtual tours done by the virtual tour photographer of VTP company Contact Johannes at 082 8552611
Intermediate Photography course -
This six-week course will help you to understand the fundamentals of basic photography and some of the techniques practiced by professionals. The programme consists of six lessons presented one evening per week, a practical outing and a wrap-up session. This course is designed to advance you from a beginner to intermediate level of photography. During the first lesson you will be taught how to set the camera to manual and bulb modes. You will also be shown how to use the light meter, motor-drive and self-timer. Students using a digital camera will be taught how to change colour balance and file size settings as well as changing lenses, setting focus modes, zooming etc. The lecturers will take you through the course step-by-step, imparting knowledge to ensure that you can consistently produce excellent photographs. You are required to complete projects and assignments during the course. These are evaluated in class. The final lesson is an exciting early morning outing with the lecturers to put into practice all that you have learnt. To complete the course you need a single lens reflex camera with full manual control, a built-in light-meter and a tripod. For more Details contact Vega on 021 425 7591 or e-mail Contact National College of Photography at 021 425 7591
Black & White Photography course -
The artistic and expressive opportunities available in black and white photography are unparalleled. Students are introduced to the complete world of monochrome techniques from digital to the classic art of darkroom work. On this course you will be shown how to capture and print superior black and white images. You will also be taught how to sepia and blue tone both digitally and with chemicals. For More information contact Vega on 021 425 7591 or e-mail Contact National College of Photography at 021 425 7591
Setting Up a Home Studio Course -
This course deals with table top photography using practical lighting set-ups for a variety of subjects. You are shown different lighting skills to bring out various characteristics of a subject and taught how to create infinity backgrounds and gradations. Students are given simple assignments, which help to teach the fundamentals of still-life photography. A combination of studio and available lighting is demonstrated during the workshop, using digital cameras for immediate evaluation and comment. Contact National College of Photography at 021 425 7591
Barkly East - Winter Mountain Photo Workshop -
A 3 day workshop hosted by Emil von Maltitz aimed at intermediate photographers who want to develop their technique and eye in the incredible surroundings of the winter Eastern Cape Drakensberg. Reservations: 079 536 3996 Contact Kate at 079 5363996
Africas biggest photography event takes place once again in October (13th - 16th) at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg. Be sure not to miss out, and subscribe to the newsletter at to ensure you don't miss out on hundreds of thousands of Rands worth of photographic giveaways!!! Contact Miems at 011 3262257
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